Hunter Charity Dinner 2019

 Sunday June 16, 2019  6:30 PM

Please join the Rogue Valley Hang Gliding and Paragliding Association for the annual Hunter charity dinner.  Donations go to support local charities designated by the Hunter family.

LongSword Vineyard
8555 OR Hwy 238.

Menu items to include:
To be announced

$15 per person (suggested donation)
Pre-sale tickets available at Applegate Open registration Friday June, 14 4pm-8pm.
Some tickets also available at the door.

USHPA Temp Membership required for Foreign Pilots

Foreign pilots (including Canadians) must hold a current USHPA membership in addition to a membership in RVHPA to fly from Woodrat Mountain.

Having the USHPA membership is important because it provides you with liability insurance for any damage you might do to someone’s property.  It is also important because our landowners are not insured against claim by injured parties if the pilot is not a USHPA member.

If you are not a USHPA member you may purchase a 30 day membership from one of the local instructors.  It’s easy…

Just present your IPPI card issued by your country’s free flight governing body to one of the local instructors, complete the 30 day application with the instructor, and sign the waiver on the back side.  The instructor will give you the temporary membership portion of the form and mail the completed form to USHPA.

Typical fee for purchasing this membership  from USHPA through the instructor is  $10 USD.

Local instructors who can issue your 30 day membership are listed below:

Kevin Lee | Thermal Tracker Paragliding

USHPA Advanced & Tandem Instructor
+1 541.890.7142

 Sam Crocker | Sundog Paragliding

USHPA Advanced & Tandem Instructor
+1 503.781.1795