LongSword LZ Landing Requirements

Permission required prior to landing at LongSword

Pilots may land at LongSword Vineyard but only when a LongSword Guide is flying that day/general time and the pilot has registered with the guide.  

Guides will post on the RVHPA google groups page  and send an email to kate@longswordvineyard.com  when they are flying  and willing to guide.

Pilots wishing to land at LongSword must register with the guide.

Pilots can register with the guides in a number of ways:

  • Text message
  • Email
  • Phone call
  • In person

Pilots wishing to land at LongSword must agree to follow all LongSword’s rules.

Chickens and geese have right of way. Use extra caution entering and leaving the pilot parking area.

LongSword Rules

  • Pilots must have approval from a local pilot site guide to land at LongSword. Approvals are only good for the specific time and date the guide is flying or present at LongSword.
  • Pilots must comply with all COVID precautions published by Oregon and Jackson County.
  • No large groups squeezing into vehicles and thereby violating social distancing rules.
  • No more than 10 pilots present in the “beach” area at one time.
  • All pilots landing at LongSword must be current USHPA and RVHPA club members.
  • Strictly enforced speed limit of 5 mph on gravel road – violators may lose landing privileges on the spot if caught speeding!
  • Use caution to avoid running over geese, chickens and sheep which occasionally block the road. Any pilot injuring an animal will lose their landing rights permanently.
  • Park only in the designated pilot parking area to the west of the tasting room. Do not park in front of the tasting room.
  • Be courteous, polite, and do not swear, curse, or speak at a volume that tasting room customers would find offensive: LongSword is a business with customers present at all times.
  • Alcoholic beverages may not be brought on to the property due to Oregon LCC regulations. Beer and wine are available from the tasting room.
  • If visiting the tasting room, enter the same way customers do and leave the best patio seating for the vineyard’s wine tasting customers.
  • Do not take wings or gear onto the patio area.
  • No smoking is allowed except in the gravel area in front of the tasting room
  • No dogs allowed off leash.
  • No littering. Please pick up any litter you see.
  • The parking area will not open before 11:00 AM and all pilots must be off the LongSword property by 8:30 PM or sunset– whichever is earlier.
  • DO NOT enter the property if the gate at Hwy 238 is closed.

LongSword Guides

LongSword guides need to be familiar with LongSword rules and make sure pilots requesting landing permission are aware of them  and comply.   Guides must post their intentions to fly, land at LongSword and act as a guide for the particular day on the RVHPA Google group page and also send an email to kate@longswordvineyard.com   Guides can then authorize pilots to land at LongSword for the given day.  Note that, as a guide ,you are responsible for the behavior of the pilots you authorize on that day.

Pilots wishing to be registered as guides need to make a request to a RVHPA board member and Norm Young norm.cloudbaseflyer@gmail.com and then be approved by LongSword.

Current list of LongSword guides:

Christina Ammon
Briana Bergman
Forrest Brault
Lynn Bryson
Sam Crocker
Nathan Figge
Kelly Miller
Dave Pendzick
Rick Ray
Will Taylor
Norm Young
Dan Wells



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