Incident and Accident Reporting at Woodrat

It’s important to gather as much data as possible about any incidents or accidents that occur at the Woodrat flying site.   The data will be used to help us better understand how to prevent similar situations in the future as well as providing details to insurance underwriters that will help to reduce premium costs moving forward.

The first step in reporting is to contact the club’s Flight Safety officer.  They will help with advice on how to report it locally as well as to USHPA.  It is important that the information from the event be given to the local club members as the USHPA incident report is generally not shared.  You can find the contact information for the Flight Safety Officer here.

Possible Insurance Claim

If you are involved in an accident where there may be a possibility of an insurance claim, Please contact the RVHPA safety director.  Anything involving bodily injury or property damage should be reported immediately.

 No injury or damage

There are many situations where mistakes are made, incidents occur and no consequences involving possible claims occur.  It’s important to fill out a short form on the USHPA website.

Follow this link to report: