Wells Land rules

Wells Land LZ:
N42.21758  W123.05095   Elevation:   1470f ft.

Wells Land LZ is located .9 miles west of Squires peak at the mouth of the Upper Applegate Valley.   It has approximately the same glide ratio as LongSword but is hidden from view on launch by Squires peak.  Conditions there are generally less thermic than Hunters and more similar to LongSword.  Just not as large.  There are three landing areas between 180 to 200 yards in length with each surrounded by fences.  There are two horses that may be present in landing zones 1 or 2.  They are paraglider friendly and will not be spooked by landing pilots.  LZ 3 is usable only if no hemp is being grown there. There may also be cattle.

In thermic conditions with light winds these landing zones require a higher level of skill than Hunter’s or LongSword.  There is a slight downslope to the north and that coupled with thermals make landing without overshooting more challenging.  Be sure to set up low enough before your final approach to give yourself some margin in case you get popped and end up landing longer than planned.

Also beware that the winds 1000 feet above  the LZ can be much stronger than at the surface.  Always make your initial approach well upwind of the landing zone to check your penetration.  The windsocks are not the best indicators of the wind strength at altitude.

Landing zones: Note that the fence between LZ 1 and 2 has been removed in May of 2022

Wells Land’s street address is just off the Upper Applegate Rd at 118 Hamilton Road.  Club pilots have permission to use the designated parking area for staging rides to launch from mid-morning to dusk.  

Pilot parking area