Spot Landings

Spot Landing rules for Paragliders at Starthistle 2024

Extremely Important!

  • Landing safely is the most important thing!
  • LongSword LZ is thermic in the afternoons and therefor spot landings may involve more luck than skill.
  • Do not risk injury by slowing the glider to a point of stall or make extreme banking moves just to hit the spot.
  • This is purely a fun event.
  • No prizes will be awarded.
  • Pilots who land within the target area will be announced after the dinner on Saturday June 10th.


  • Scoring starts 1:00 PM and ends at 5:00 PM on Saturday June 10 unless otherwise announced or posted.
  • Landings will only be scored when the Safety monitor is present.
  • The landing spot is where the pilot’s feet first touch the ground.

Pilots must:

  • be registered for the Star Thistle to earn a score.
  • monitor the radio frequency used for the Star Thistle Fly-In.
  • have a current USHPA membership
  • have a current RVHPA membership.
  • safely land on their feet without falling to the ground.
  • abort their landing in the target area if directed to do so by the Safety Observer.

Grounds for Disqualification

Pilots will be disqualified for:

  • Excess flapping to make a safe landing.
  • High angle turns close to the ground.
  • Flaring excessively high above the ground.
  • Falling to the ground after landing.
  • Landing on any part of the body other than the feet (e.g., butt landing).
  • Completing a landing after the Safety Observer has used a radio, gestures, or both to order the pilot to abort the landing because of unsafe conditions or unsafe pilot behavior.
  • Any other maneuver that the Safety Observer determines is unsafe under the conditions.

May 29 2024