NOTE – The WMIC is not accepting applications for new solo instructors at this time per landowner request.  For all tandem instruction and visiting solo instruction activity read below.


Hang gliding and Paragliding at Woodrat Mountain is a privilege.  Instruction is more so.  To protect our shared resource, local landowners and the RVHPA have RVHPA have initiated several new developments designed to protect our access to this site.  RVHPA is placing all instructional activities under the supervision of the Woodrat Mountain Instructor Committee (WMIC).  Any eligible pilot wishing to conduct instructional activities at an RVHPA-insured site must be approved by the WMIC.

Instruction  (solo or tandem)

USHPA certified Instruction at Woodrat Mountain shall be limited to instructors approved by the WMIC and Insured landowners.  All instructors must be approved by the WMIC prior to conducting any instruction at Woodrat Mountain site and LZ’s Instruction includes tandem flights, basic instruction, advanced instruction, clinics, paid tours and competitions.  All Solo instruction at Woodrat Mountain requires supervision by WMIC lead (Kevin Lee).

Commercial instructors (solo or tandem)

NOTE – The WMIC is not accepting applications for new solo instructors at this time per landowner request. 

Commercial instructors (solo or tandem) must be approved and sponsored by the WMIC, current USHPA, PASA certified, RVHPA members for one year, and have a BLM Special Recreation permit (the BLM permitting process involves completing a 2930-1 Special Recreation Permit Application, submitting an operations plan, and paying the BLM fee of $105.  See the link below for additional details).

 Non-commercial instructors (solo or tandem, local or visiting)

To be considered for any instructional activities at Woodrat, non-commercial instructors (solo or tandem) must be approved and sponsored by the WMIC prior to any solo or tandem instruction from Woodrat Mountain, and current USHPA and RVHPA members.  A commercial RVHPA membership or BLM permit is not required as long as you are not receiving compensation of any type for tandem flights, or solo instruction/training.


This currently applies only to Woodrat Mountain and associated LZs: Hunter and  Long Sword

To download WMIC and BLM documents along with a sponsorship form, click here.

Questions?  contact a WMIC member:

Kevin Lee (Chair)   (541) 890-7142     kevin@thermaltracker.com

Sam Crocker            (503) 781-1795     samwise19@hotmail.com

Karl Blust                   (541) 944-9415      kblust@hotmail.com

Ryan Grizzell            (541) 941-1496      ryangrizzell@gmail.com

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