Note that waypoint and airspace files are presented without warranty.  They are thought to be correct but RVHPA and the contributors assume no liability and users assume all risk associated with their use in case of errors.   

Downloads are currently under revision!

Click here for downloads.  Files in this folder contain:

  • Google Slides presentation showing the “No Land” fields when flying XC from Woodrat Mt.
  • KLM file that you can open in Google Earth which shows all the “No Land” fields, fields we have specific permission to land in along with waypoints. You can do your own virtual flight and see the “No Land” areas as you would when you are flying.
  • OpenAir airspace .txt file that can be loaded into your flight instruments that has all the “No Land” fields shown except the ones immediately in front of Woodrat launch.  Note that you may need to double check the airspace proximity warning settings on your instrument before using these.

Waypoint files for Woodrat and Whaleback folder

Click here for downloads.  Files in this folder contain:

  • Woodrat waypoint file that includes the current “No Land” fields
  • Whaleback waypoint file
  • Combined Woodrat and Whaleback waypoint file including “No Land” fields around Woodrat
  • Applegate Open pilots note the above are NOT the official 2020 waypoints.  Click here for the link from FlyXC for the official Applegate Open 2020 waypoints.

Risk assessments folder

Click here for downloads.  Files in this folder contain:

  • USHPA/RRG related Chapter report and risk assessments for RVHPA launches and landing areas.

Dan Wells
December 6, 2017