Your Membership is Being Processed

Your membership application and payment have been received by RVHPA. You will receive an email from RVHPA to confirm the receipt of your membership application. PayPal will send you a separate email to confirm that payment was sent to RVHPA.

Your annual Helmet sticker Will Be Mailed if requested

Please allow at least 14 days to receive your helmet sticker in the mail. We’ll send them out to you as soon as we can but we’re pilots too and we might be out flying, so please be patient.  Remember you can always check you membership status on this website on the current members page

Please read the site guide and be familiar with the site rules.  Better yet if you are new to the site please get a site briefing from one of our members on launch before flying.

Join Us Online

You may also want to join RVHPA’s Google Group. This online forum is one of our club’s primary communication tools and is very useful for arranging folks to fly with, getting a site intro, asking a question, or just discussing flying in our area. We also have an RVHPA Facebook page where you can share photos and connect with other pilots.



Thanks for joining and welcome to the club,
RVHPA club officers & members


Updated 9-29-17  Dan Wells