OK to fly Woodrat Mt. again.

Dear Pilots,
The heliport and fire camp in Jones field have been removed and helicopter traffic between Longsword and the Hendrix fire is no longer a concern.  What is of concern are the air tankers flying between MFR and and the Natchez fire.  We are removing the voluntary closure of Woodrat launch as of noon on August 14th.  We still have hazardous conditions and all pilots should be extra cautious about launching.  Visibility has been less than 3 miles on most days and changes rapidly.  If you launch and visibility is reduced for that required in Class E airspace, you must land immediately.  Please review  the VFR visibility requirements and fly by FAA rules.

Class E:
Less than 10,000 feet MSL 3 statute miles 500 feet below.
1,000 feet above.
2,000 feet horizontal.
At or above 10,000 feet MSL 5 statute miles 1,000 feet below.
1,000 feet above.
1 statute mile horizontal.

Ryan Grizzell
RVHPA Safety Officer